Plants: Cultivators of Curiosity - Introduction

Botany Exhibit Title Image

Plants have always been an integral part of the world, so why is it that they often go unnoticed? This exhibit seeks to highlight ways in which plants have managed to capture the attention of people over time. The materials selected for this exhibit display unique aspects of our collection that reflect the importance and interest people have found in plants. Plants have served medicinal purposes, captured the eye of students taking biology courses, been forms of artistic expression and inspiration, and have even been used as a means of communication. Whatever your current or past views on plants may be, we invite you to see just how vast and interesting the world of plants truly is.

Curated by senior Jessica Beyer, this exhibit reflects elements of her major in Biology, minor in History, and experience as a student worker in Special Collections.  Originally designed and installed in the Special Collections reading room on the 1st floor of Augustana College's Thomas Tredway Library, it has been adapted for web viewing in response to the closure of our campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.